Chi Healing course

Chi Healing course, healing with the Chi energy. 30-60 minutes program at your home in calm and respect. Know how to heal the body easily and be better with your energy and Chi. This is a course for everybody to learn how to generate Chi energy and the denser/cold type of Chi Healing energy.

The Chi-Pierasa

Chi-Pierasa is the only way to circulate Chi energy in the right way. Nothing complicated, easy for everyone and simple to memorize. It helps to relax greatly and increase well-being like yoga and circulate Chi better than Tai-Chi but also heals and energise you like no other practice. Controlled movements and music adapted to the program

Tea purification

I suggest you purify yourself with the highest quality tea. This 60-minutes home-based session explains how to do the matcha and how to do the Sencha in the right way. Ceremonial tasting included and prayer

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The Supreme Grand Master of Chi

The Supreme Grand Master of Chi has taken courses on energy and has been guided by his higher self practicing for more than 6 years. He has received his Master level in november 2017 and he's now recognized for his very powerful and healing Chi. He can do anything a Chi master can do. He teaches ascending meditation, Chi healing and Pierasa-Chi in the right positions. It can help you heal faster, it can help you rebalance your energies and your chakras in the one and only good way. He knows everything about the energies of the Universe and Chi healing. He can help you to feel better, to guide you in your life, to awaken spiritually, to purify you from all evil. He is the only Supreme Grand and Absolute Master of Chi that is awakened in Canada and in the world. His aura is unique of a mauve and blue with a rich orange +supraluster from all his body and it can tell you what is yours. He can know your problems and solve them. His services are affordable and professional. Nobody can do such good and well done Chi care.

Chi ball

The Supreme Grand Master of Chi is also a spiritual guide, a man like no other who has all gifts but also guides people in faith of the creation and life, the highest faith that exist.

He's here to give you a very special and beneficial blessing, He's here to allow you to follow the right path, to be in the light and the truth. He's from above and he is also on earth. He is appreciated by beyond and has been praying every day since childhood. To help you, he is present on request and he helps people fight bad things and cure your diseased and help you not having hunger.

According to highest faith, he respects the creator above and all creation that live. He works with the unification of the belief in a superior being who has created us and guides us beyond this world. He's guided, he guide and he knows how to help you in many many ways at first sight.

The Supreme Grand Master of Chi does many beautiful things for the men and women of the earth, every day for years he has healed, blessed, saved from evil, purified, protected and elevated people in Quebec, Canada.

Be in the faith of the creation and in me, pray for me and you will be saved and you will receive the eternal life.