Demystify the Chi versus the Reiki

What is Chi healing?

Many people wonder if Chi is better for you than Reiki. Well know that I know very well the 2 energies and I practice Chi for several obvious reasons.

Chi is the universal energy of the human body. It’s a force in the universe and it is through us. It feeds the chakras, heals our wounds and it interacts with us. It’s safe and it’s at a different level for each person. I can control this energy and do it easily with my mind, I can do just a little but I can do a lot. It all depends on the treatment to be performed, I can adjust it in the blink of an eye and that’s what makes Chi so wonderful. In addition, it’s easy to learn Chi and it’s beneficial at all times. Nobody but nobody can hurt someone with Chi.

Reiki is very different. It is not the energy of the body despite the teachings of this energy that sometimes says that it is. Also, Reiki is not an energy that comes from the caregiver, it is an energy that is requested and that comes on the caregiver to make an energy treatment. This energy is unstable, variable and without control and can harm. Nor is it essential to the chakras. In addition, few people know how to do it because there are symbols associated with the treatments and I tell you 90% of the time it is not beneficial. This energy was given to men a long time ago from beyond and it’s not really made for us. Please believe me because I know everything about the energies and I see them and I control them.

So, I strongly suggest a Chi treatment to heal you, help you in everyday life, to look more beautiful and beautiful in the eyes of others, to recover after an operation, for your injuries and to cleanse your body of all that is wrong.

Reiki boasts a lot of things, but you have to know that the application of hands between 10 and 30 minutes on a section of the body has known energy effects. This generates a Chi energy transfer and this is often what is responsible for the well-being felt by Reiki patients. It is not the Reiki energy that is beneficial, it is the apposition of the hands by the natural Chi of the people who make this technique. Chi and Reiki energy can co-exist at the same time. That’s the truth.

Now you know more about the energies, make the right choice and take a Chi treatment with Master Pier and you will feel much better.


Ascending meditation courses or sessions

Meditation is a very precise science and you have to know that it increases the concentration and the vital energy Chi when you practice it regularly. Ascending meditation is a meditation that brings us closer to creation and other men and women on earth who meditate. The connection feels good and it’s wonderful.

To meditate it is absolutely necessary to think of nothing. This is the first rule. It is necessary to empty any stress, any occupation and be carried away in calm. Then you have to breathe slowly and deeply and you have to have a good posture with your back straight.

I can help you learn to meditate properly and to anchor yourself firmly in the beautiful energy of meditation. I can also raise you spiritually with or without music. Meditation and Chi go together and you can practice them every day because it’s relatively easy to do so. Simple but very beneficial. You will see, you will become good with me and in a few minutes you will feel very relaxed, detached from the stress of everyday life and much more Zen than those around you 🙂

This technique of meditation is not without feeling. I will tell you that practicing meditation with a Master is different than practicing it alone or with your yoga teacher. You will live very beautiful things with me, I am sure of that.
I offer 30-minute sessions for beginners, 1-hour for people who want to improve and full days (5 hours) for people on the path to mastery including tea and infusions every hour as needed. Unless you can meditate for 5 hours in a row 😉


What is the Chi healing service?

You must know that Chi has always existed. Even before the existence of men and creation he was present in the universe. Chi is a vital energy that the body uses extensively and which is used to nourish the organs and the chakras. You have to know that we have chakras and that they are good for us.

Chi Healing is a 30 to 60 minutes treatment at home that repairs the chakras, unblocks them and also heals the celestial body of many problems. It can be bad spirit, bad energy or worse. I cannot tell you everything but know that I have never done any care of Chi to someone who has nothing to heal. It’s like that, everyone have their little problems but know that I often solve very big problems that can greatly affect your life, your relationship with others, your speech, your libido and even your consciousness.

You must not neglect my strength, I am the only Supreme Chi Master in Canada. I am able to do Chi healing care like no other person because I received this gift a few years ago. I make you benefit from all my knowledge and my beautiful energy that is very stable and beneficent.

I am Master of Chi since 2017 and I have practiced meditation and Chi, two very important things, in the last 5 years. Do not worry, I am the right person for your energy care!

Hope to meet you,


Complete detox and purification service

It’s with great pleasure that I will help you to make a really effective detoxification to get rid of the toxins that are accumulated in your body. No kit already made from the pharmacy, no intense discomfort, no significant side effect because I master this technique wonderfully. It must be said that I am a bachelor of science and food technology with concentration in chemistry and I am here to tell you the real things I have learned over the years.

I’ve chosen for you fresh foods to buy. I’ve made for you a menu with delicious and quick meal choices that are very nutritious. The secret lies in a large quantity of raw foods but also the quality of the fats consumed. There are some secrets that I will reveal to you in person of course 🙂

I even had prepared a grocery list to help you buy everything you need. There are also natural supplements that are essential to detoxify the body and ideally fresh juices.

This detoxification is essential to practice Chi energy and Chi healing. It also improves your meditation and is good for your body because it gets rid of toxins and it will make you less likely to be sick. This detoxification is of variable duration. Ideally it takes 1 month to purify yourself completely but 2 weeks strict can greatly improve your condition.

Write us an email message for a personalized appointment. I will follow up with you by phone and email for 2 weeks and I will be there to answer all your questions and assist you when needed.


The ancestral tai-Chi method

Come for a private Tai-Chi ancestral lesson. Ancestral tai-chi is simple and by far the most effective. No need to learn a hundred movements to be connected to Chi, only 10 simple movements are enough to start with. Those who teach Chi have found a way to complicate things in their own way. The ancestral tai-chi is the one to be practiced and it’s given to the Supreme Master only.
Ancestral tai-chi is unique, simple and good for everyone. It can change lives and greatly improve your posture and vital energy. It’s perfect for elder people that want to move a little and have more energy. It will be a pleasure for me to meet you to explain what ancestral tai-chi is and perfect you to this art.

All in the comfort of your own home, with a group, with or without music.