Purification by the coffee

Here is a technique that few people know and that is very beneficial: Purification by coffee.

This begins with the selection of a coffee from hundreds of trials, distinguished by a natural manufacturing process, from Brazil and roasted in Canada. This is the purest coffee you can drink and is made with the purest spring water from a Tuscan mountains.

I start by purifying your hands and then I prepare the coffee with a fresh Italian mill to have the right grind and I make you a coffee by the ”pour over ” technique for the most delicious coffee ever. I prepare it in a paper filter and a Japanese ceramic cone of high quality extraction of all the flavor.

The purification session can begin. I ask you to take a few sips of this great coffee and then wait for me to do what it takes to cleanse you from head to toe of many important things. There are other steps I keep for you during our session.

Then you can discover the exceptional aromas of this coffee and take the time to taste it at its true value, black. It’s how you make a good coffee.

I make a special prayer for you to protect you and to purify you. We remain in gratitude for a moment and in silence during the ceremony.

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Master of Chi is beautiful for you

Maitre du Chi Pier

Master Chi is a man who is very recognized in the afterlife, he’s capable of great things and he will be there forever on earth even after his death.

He’s known for his Chi, for his pure heart, for his beneficent strength and for his guiding qualities. He’s also very knowledgeable, he knows a lot about things like chemistry, food, trees, water, energies, interpersonal relationships and good and bad.

He can help you on a daily basis, he can send you energy and he can purify you in many ways. He’s able to do this only with his power and his gifts but also with very pure and ancestral foods. He will be able to tell you your abilities and your gifts and your role in society, the one that has been planned for you.

He’s very capable of doing great things on earth and has already done a tremendous job here and elsewhere to purify and help men and women. He’s guided and he guides, it’s been like that for years.

Pray to be saved, pray to believe in creation and to a creator who is greater than anything.


Benefits of energy healing treatment of Chi

Many people wonder what are the benefits of energy healing treatment of Chi. Well, you must know that they are numerous. I will try to explain in detail what it does but this article should be popularized for everyone and there are things that I cannot say because it solves problems that often go beyond the knowledge of man.

Chi acts on the body but also on the celestial body. It’s like that and it always been like that. When doing a Chi healing treatment, I put very good energies on your body to eliminate bad black energies and sometimes important problems that affect you greatly in your daily life, in your thinking, in your adornment in the eyes of others, in your energy, your libido, your natural healing power and many other things.

Here are the benefits of energy healing treatment of Chi:

  • Restores the body’s good natural energies
  • Calm the body and the chakras
  • Reactivate the chakras
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps self-regulation and natural healing of the body
  • Help with emotional clarity
  • Give energy for a good amount of time
  • Purify bad omens
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Calm inflammations and pains

This is just a small glimpse of what Chi healing can do. This energetic care is the most vital that exists. Reiki is not vital at all. Never let a Reiki master treat you because even if he seems skilled and competent, he will harm you at a certain level because this energy is not that of the body and it’s wrong to believe that it is beneficial. It’s the Chi of those people who put their hands on your body that makes this treatment acceptable because 90% of the time the symbol associated with this energy from above is harmful to people (exept Japanese people that received this energy from above long ago).

I know the energies, I know Chi and Reiki by my spiritual guide and my studies and I see the energies. You must know that studying Chi or Reiki does not make you a supreme Master. Master Pier is a supreme Master who is accepted from beyond and who is good for men. He has talents and he is able to see Chi, body energies and chakras as well as auras.

During an energy treatment, he informs you of your aura before and after the treatment so that you understand the difference. Nobody explains these things as well because many people trust what they read in books or on the Internet but this information is often wrong. I know the colors of the aura and their meaning and I know when someone has special talents.

I am guided by my faith and a guide, I have talents since 18 years old and I am here to help people. I am very calm and very zen and my energy is very pure. I am pure in my heart and I am respectful of people who suffer. I can say that my Chi is powerful and pure and it’s very beneficial to you.

Now you know more about Master Pier and the benefits of energy healing treatment of Chi, the universal energy of the body.


Purification by the red wine or rosé champagne

Purification by red wine or champagne is a technique that I master perfectly. It must be done with a wine of exception, a wine very well done with an old and highly respected vine.

The wine must then be blessed and served by a Master who has the gift of purification.

You will have the chance to be purified by the wine with me. This experience is unique to everyone and you may feel things in this ritual. All this is very beneficial for the celestial body and for you.

Wine can purify certain areas of your body to levels you cannot get with sweating or a healthy diet. That’s why this technique is sacred. I found a unique and rare red wine and a very pure rosé champagne for you.

All will be served in the highest quality Riedel crystal glasses and poured into a high-end crystal decanter that enhances the wine’s vibrations and aroma.

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