Master of Chi purifies

Yes, the Master of the Chi purifies many things.

He has reached a supreme level and he has very powerful gifts. He can purify people on his way, during his grocery shopping or even in social or sports activities. He’s always listening, he’s calm and respectful. He analyzes a lot but he does not judge. He knows things about people that even people do not know. That is why he is able to help them and to inform them of their state and their appreciation by above.

It’s not easy to understand but know that the Master of Chi Pier do not do things halfway. He is very pure and every day he practices to stay like that. It sometimes takes several hours a day, but it does so to be perfect for the men and women it helps.

He loves life, he’s patient and he knows how to purify with sacred foods.

Green tea, some green teas, can purify the body. Some rare wines too. Even coffee can be purified if the ceremony is done with respect and if you are by my side.

I know how to do these sacred ceremonies. I know how to make beautiful sessions with you that are memorable.

Make an appointment with me for a Chi treatment to cleanse your body of bad energies. Then take care of yourself and come back to me for a tea purification. You will be really better seen by the eyes of others and you will feel liberated and well.

I’m waiting for your calls.