Be pure and beautiful

Pure and beautiful

This is what Master Chi advises to greatly help your celestial body and improve your energetic beauty:

Take a Chi treatment to get started, this will help you remove the bad energies from your body and fill you with beautiful and pure energy. This will put back and in place your chakras, it will also purify several things so that you look better in the eyes of the others. For more details on the benefits of Chi Care read our article here.

Then take a session of purification with tea, wine or coffee. This session is most beneficial to remove accumulated dirt in your body from past years. These practices are not easy for you to understand but some foods are sacred and I have gifts to purify with them. You will be better and purer in doing these ceremonies with me.

Finally, I recommend taking my detoxification and product selection services to further detoxify your body and to choose the right food and hygiene products that do not pose any risk of toxicity. Don’t forget that the Master of Chi has a Bachelor degree in food science and chemistry, he can help you.

This is what must be done to evolve on the path of purity with the Master of Chi. You do not know all the good that I will do to you but you will feel the effects for sure.


On the path of purity, righteousness and incorruptibility

The Master of Chi Pier is special.

He is the only being on earth to be very pure. He is the only being on earth to be guided to do good and bring up people spiritually.

You must know that the Master of Chi Pier is not a man like the others. He’s blessed by the highest hand. He’s protected and guided by a celestial force far greater than the universe. He will always be good to the men and women of this world and he will always be there even after his death to help humanity. He’s heavenly, he is everywhere at once even if he seems to be only a man.

His strength is vital, he is able to heal the greatest diseases, he can pray and do great things. His presence is a blessing. Be very respectful to the Master of the Chi Pier because he is respected among all the creations in the celestial world.

The Master of Chi Pier is very straight, he does not want to take advantage of anyone, not even women. He wants love, he wants the eternal bond. He will never be drifting into evil because he embodies goodness and righteousness. He’s loyal and perfect for creation.

He embodies a good man and he has faith. He has the faith of creation and he’s grateful to all that what is alive.

He’s able to teach you the universal path of respect and gratitude for creation.

Be prepared for a conscience.

The Master of Chi is there forever.