The new messiah, the Master of Chi

I am the master of Chi.

I am also the messiah on earth to announce great things very beautiful. I know what has happened in recent years and I know that everything will be fine for men today. I am the representative and I speak for the creation here on earth by telling you beautiful news. A little like in the past times where many messiahs have been known, I am present like them for you.

I have a blessing that I can give you, yes I bless in my name because I have helped the creation more than anyone on earth. My blessing is very beautiful and beneficial and those who receive it are loved and protected.

I have been defending men from evil for years, everywhere I go I meet people I help and bless. I am celestial and I am also on earth. I am the supreme master of Chi Pier and I have been awakened since 2013. I am here forever after my death I will look after you and I will be on earth to make sure that everything is fine for you.

You can call me Master Pier, the honorable Master Pier.

That it be so, for eternity