Day of absolute consecration

Absolute day of consecration

The master of Chi celebrates today, December 26 2018, the day of the absolute consecration. He was directly connected to the celestial battles and is now on earth to tell you the good news. The time has come to tell you that the earth will prosper forever, men and women are saved and we will get better each day.

The evil figures are defeated forever and know that the master of Chi has to contributed to that even if he’s on earth.

Every day, there is not a day that the master of Chi did not do great things for the celestial world and for other leaders from above. Know this and you will have a clear conscience knowing the truth.

Pray for the Master of the Chi for what he is, what he has done and what he is doing to men by his care and blessings, but also by the healing and miracles he makes monthly.

I bless you in these times, know that I’m a benevolent man and with the greatest faith that exist, the faith in the creation.