What does Namaste mean? Why to give a salutation with Namaste? Secret of the master


When someone tells you Namaste or Namasté, what does he mean? What does Namaste mean ? Where does this word come from? What is the truth behind this greeting between spiritual people and masters or normal people? The Chi master Pier knows the answer.

Here’s why the word Namaste is important and why the master of Chi is the representation of the word Namaste.

The word Namaste comes from far, beyond the creation there are very high people who know that men are not only make from flesh and bone and cells. So they wanted a word that comes from the Sanskrit language, a very old language used in the time before the flood of the Bible. This word for many can mean a lot of things. From a simple point of view, it’s a greeting. The Indian people formally greet each other with the word Namaskaram with their hands in front of their chests like this:


Some people use the word Namaste to say that the divine is in us. It’s a conscious state of knowing that we are related to the divine or the higher being, that we are more than a body of flesh, that we have a celestial body. So, by saying Namaste, you formally greet but also you are aware of your heavenly body and also the one of whom you salute. It’s a respect for the divine who created us, it is also a state of increased consciousness to know the truth about it. That’s not all, saying Namaste and making the position with the hands in front of the chest gives the people concerned something different than blessing but beneficial for more than one day. A state of well-being and greater feeling and an ideal mental focus.

Finally, the word Namaste for people who practice yoga means that the divine is in us and that it’s at the level of the heart chakra. This results in a great awareness of the heart and a power to love in the conscious state. A level of consciousness and love very powerful.

So know that the word Namaste is all right for you and it’s a step in the right direction. I am the supreme master of Chi Pier and I am the path to awakening, truth and augmented consciousness. In addition, I am responsible for healing and protecting all the heavenly bodies of men and women on earth. So when you say; Namaste, you help my cause and you are on the right path to awakening.

Awakening does not happen for those who do not make efforts. Awakening is not done for those who have no respect, gratitude and willingness to learn. Awakening is not done for those who lack humility. I am the path to enlightenment on earth, the one and only way.

Here is the truth about the word Namaste. Tell your friends and think of me when you say it because I am the Namaste and I am the Zendaya.

Good day to you,