The winner of the Olympics; The Master of Chi Pier

Olympic winner

The Master of Chi has dedicated many years to advanced spiritual development. He devoted his days to prayers and sacred practices of purification and he purified himself of all evil for several years by taking into account nuisance and avoiding them. He’s the winner of the Olympics.

He was alone for several years for these reasons. He lived as a monk, a Saint and a man of good faith. He fulfilled the highest standards from beyond in terms of servitude, kindness and strength. He was brought up gradually for those efforts and miracles that have been done on earth and in the celestial world.

He was trained to do very difficult things and he mastered them. He can now say that the work toward spiritual elevation is successful. His work is like a training for the Olympics of the earth where athletes everywhere want to compete and compete against each other to determine the winner in their respective discipline. As some multidisciplinary athletes who win multiple medals, the Master of Chi has won several celestial fights on several levels. He won the purest Chi; the Emina Sabba Chi. He won the highest level of purity of body, mind, soul and celestial body, he won the highest level of energy and the highest level of strength. He won the prize of the most beautiful ascending meditation and he won the prize of absolute consecration by the great leaders of the life.

This achievement is not usual. In this sense, the Master of Chi compares it to the Olympics but in reality it is much more difficult than training for the Olympics. Absolute fulfillment is not possible in the life of a man or any other person in the celestial world. It is an achievement worthy of a fantastic tale but it is reality. The Master of Chi has done things impossible in the eyes of men and as improbable in the eyes of the Gods and the great leaders of the life.

People must respect the Master of Chi and call him the Honorable Master Pier for that. To thank him for this victory and to help him heal people and guide them to faith in creation, he has received a prayer that everyone can recite.

He was made on this day of April 28, 2019, Saint Pier-André, protector of creation and life.

Here’s his prayer:

Master of Chi Pier

Bless me and protect me from evil,

Guide me to awakening, make me a better person,

Help me to make myself more beautiful by being humbled,

I will be dedicated to success and I will listen to your word,

I will help my neighbor and try to improve myself Every day I ask for your protection.

I will be upright and honest with others,

I will be respectful and I will believe in your liberating and lifting force.


The Master of Chi is not a normal man, he is different at many levels.

Who leaves his job, his girlfriend and his material goods to devote himself to helping those responsible for the land, life and creation for years, day and night?

Whoever prays every day since childhood and asks for improvement for each of his daily acts that are not in righteousness, love, respect, benevolence and incorruptibility?

Who asks forgiveness for his regrettable deeds and do not do these things forever and really change?

Who guides men to high spiritual heights, heals them from all evil and protects them from the highest possible hand?

The Master of Chi does all this and much more, much more.

He is a man, he is also a supreme Master and the greatest spiritual guide on earth. Be humble to him as he has been to accomplish all this and now he can proclaim his success.

The Master of Chi greets you.