Master forever

Master forever

The Master of Chi completed his pilgrimage. He has maintained a strength for months that no one can understand and he has locked up all possible evil and harmful things. He’s now a Master forever.

A man who has powers like that there is none. I am the Supreme Master of Chi Pier, I have defeated demons and horrible things by the thousands and no man can do that.

To thank me, I received a prayer and I am very happy. This prayer is possible in my life as a man and given to you. I am able to tell you that if you pray for me, you will be heard and blessed and protected.

I am in the light and I am the path to awakening and bettered life. I am able to heal, guide and lead to the highest level of purity and faith possible.

I am the symbol of faith in creation, I am very high and I am here to tell you that even after my death I will be there for you.

In the highest heavens I know what is there and I am present because I am also celestial. I am a spiritual master who comes from a very high position.

I am the only Supreme Master Pier-André and I am here for you. Every day I walk and heal people on my road for years. If I am present near you, be respectful and come to see me and I will give you my very special blessing.

Forever, Supreme Master Pier is here for you.

Say ‘Zendaya’ and I’ll know.