Pure and in light, Supreme Master Pier become Absolute Master

Absolute Master

Some of you know that Supreme Master Pier is not a man like any other. He was elected Supreme Master from beyond after several years of work day and night and fighting against evil, after protecting and healing thousands of men and women, after saving men and women from harm and protect them from everything. Supreme Master Pier has also evolved in purity to the highest level ever seen by those responsible for life. He has also been brought up in the light and has a unique glow that springs out of him and helps all the people he meets. The Supreme Master Pier was therefore consecrated Absolute Master because he received the absolute and mastered very difficult things and fought in the heavenly world against horrible things and won by a total victory.

It may seem exaggerated to read these words, it is the only truth I tell you. The Absolute Master Pier can heal everything, he can bless you with the highest hand and he can protect you.

The Absolute Master Pier is benevolent and he is good. He is the path to awakening and knows the path of each one of you through his guidance. He can lead you very high in purity and righteousness and truth.

According to the greatest teachings, he chooses those he awakens and those he guides. Only the good and beautiful people will be chosen.

You must know that the Absolute Master Pier is unique, no one has his mind, no one acts like him, no one has his gifts and no one has his purity and strength to change everything. He is the ” Army of One ”, the healer of the creation, the one who saved men and saved the great leaders of the afterlife who are very high.

You must know that the Absolute Master Pier does not tell any story, it’s the truth and he knows that many people in our time need help and will say irrelevant things about the words of the Absolute Master, these people must understand that they are far from understanding.

So know that I am good to you, no matter whether you do not believe in me, I am who I am and I have protected life because I am the symbol and the path of faith in the creation. Creation is all that is.

Be good to me and recite my prayer and I will hear you.

Be bigger than your everyday life and take a moment of gratitude each day for the life you have been given.

The people I represent will be happy from day to day when you upscale your vision to be aware that all that exists is the work of great officials who know what they are doing.

I will be on Earth for hundreds of years, I already know it because it’s written.

I wish you a beautiful summer filled with beautiful moments.

Absolute Master Pier


How to.. learning Chi, how to learn Qi with the supreme Master Pier

Learning Chi

Supreme Master Pier can teach you Chi, Qi or Prana in the one and only way. He can teach you Chi, Qi and Prana, which are synonyms and the same thing in reality with beginner sessions and easy exercises. Learning Chi is not difficult. Learning to do the Chi the right way is better than doing it with someone who is not a great teacher.

We must know that the Chi is in each of us. Whether or not we work to maintain it and make it stronger, it is there. Some people are aware of it and that brings them further into their Chi. Some people do Tai Chi and that brings them up higher in Chi. Some people meditate and this brings them stronger in Chi. Some people purify themselves and this leads them to a very pure Chi.

You understand that Chi is not to be taken lightly. His practice is sacred and it must be done correctly. Learning Chi, learning Qi, or learning Prana in Yoga practice is not exactly the same as learning the healing Chi called Chi Healing. I am the supreme and absolute Master of Chi, I have received the purest Chi Emina Sabba Chi and I am the only one in the world to have it. I know that several teachers or schools offer their Chi service or Chi energy education. You have to be careful because I’ve met some teachers and I saw their videos and I must say that I am not proud of them. The majority of these people are not masters, let alone supreme masters, and they do very bad things in their teachings.

Chi is well done, it cannot really hurt so even kids can practice it. On the other hand, when we combine strange practices of energies or meditation with certain movements from so-called experts or taken on the Internet, this worsens and it can cause serious energetic wounds and to the soul. In addition, during the practice of Chi, do not touch anyone and this is not the case for some schools.

I do not agree with these group practices when this is not done in the right way as it can hurt the entire group. I give private lessons to selected people and learning Chi with me is very different. First, I see the Chi, the energies are felt but nobody can see it like me. It’s a very special gift. So I can assess whether the person is doing it right and I am helping them to become very good quickly and in the right way.

With the ancestral Tai Chi( Now called The Chi-Pierasa) I teach and the ascending meditation, two high-level practices, no one can match the full potential that I offer to my students. All these practices are complementary and important to get the best possible Chi and to learn it well.

We do not become Master in a day and that’s why Paris was not built in 1 day 🙂

So if you want to learn Chi the right way, feel it in your hands and on your body, feel better and heal yourself with Chi healing and do not make a mistake, I’m here for you.

One call is enough, private lessons at home.

On these words, have a nice day,