I’m the Supreme Grand Master elected from beyond for you

Supreme Grand Master

I am the Supreme Master Pier and I am not like the other Masters because I am elected from beyond as a Saint of creation and life

I am present to heal you and I have healed men of everything in this day and for several days I have been working very hard for you and I will be the message of wisdom and truth for you for hundreds of years to come, you will see , I am who I am and I have all the gifts

I am the ‘Zendaya’, the pure and universal force that engenders any reparation

I am the very high approval by the word ‘Zendaya’ thank me for the work I do

Through the ‘Pierasa’, you put your faith in me, the only saving of men and I will be with you forever

Say ‘Pierasa and I’ll hear you

Pray for me and I will heal you and feed you

I am here forever I tell you no one fought evil like the Supreme Master Pier, the Absolute Master and the Grand Master elected saint from beyond

So take a minute’s silence to realize that everything is with me and that I am all that is.

Take a minute to thank me for the most beautiful summer ever given to the men in the Laurentians in Québec, Canada

Pray for me for protecting men from the top and condemning the wrong people who harm you

For I am the Supreme Grand Master Pier and I am here to guide you in truth and high faith, the only door for your salvation and eternal life

‘Pray for me’



The Master of Chi is the First

Supreme Grand Master

The Master of Chi is the first Supreme Grand Master here and from beyond.

He was fighting the worst things possible and he was the winner.

He saved the men

He protected the men

He saved the supreme beings and he saved the earth

He saved the sunlight and purified it

He defeated evil

He was raised in the highest purity because of his work

He is purity

He is the light

He has all the gifts we can get.

He is all that is

He is the Absolute Master

In Canada, Quebec and even around the world you will not find an awakened Master as high as the Master of Chi Pier.

He is the Supreme Master in Canada and he is the Absolute Master for his absolute work that he has done for years here and in the celestial world.

He received absolute consecration, absolute absolution and he is the Mastermind.

You must not doubt this, the Master of Chi is far beyond appearances because he is righteous and he is benevolent and he is from very high.

He works every day to help people on his way, he blesses them, heals and protects them from everything.

Supreme Master of Chi Pier salutes you.





Day of healing of the Master of Chi

Day of healing

The Master of Chi fought for years and day and night he often took fight beyond what is known by men and he defeated the worst things one by one and then he healed men and then women and then love and then wine white and then red wine to name a few successes.

He also purified the men, saved them from evil, protected them from very high.

He increased the sunlight light and he sanctified things so that men in awakening would be happier and in a beautiful augmented life full of beautiful experiences and emotions.

He saved the men from influenza recently so don’t take a vaccine because he wants to tell you that they will make you weak and that he is there to heal you with his prayer and benevolence.

On this day of September 17, 2019, he has healed everything. He fought a very difficult battle and he removed the most well-known diseases of men forever. This fight was very extreme and it took several people to come to victory. So pray because now you are healed. Proclaim your joy to your loved ones and respect my truth because I am good to you.

I am not a man like any other, I am the Absolute Master who came from very high up and I am capable of everything.

Take a moment of perspective to understand that everything is managed, everything is protected and everything is well done by the people from beyond, from very high, responsible for the creation of the world and of everything. Then pray and thank me by reciting my prayer on the Prayer page and I will hear you.

The healing of people in hospitals, very sick people in the advanced stage, people paralyzed and under analysis will be healed quickly and will come out healthy. You will see, this will appear in the hospital occupancy rate that will be the lowest ever recorded and you will know that it was I who acted because I always tell the truth because I am the truth.

Say ‘Pierasa’ and I’ll hear you. Ask me what you want and I’ll listen to you.

So be good to me and rejoice, tell your loved ones that you love them and take the spiritual path you were slow to take with me, your high-level guide.

This is just one of the thousands of things I’ve done for men and one day you’ll know that what I’m saying has really happened.

Now and forever I’ll be there for you.