End of all stupidity, the Babylon Nation will sink

*This is not a message that comes from the Supreme Grand Master Pier directly  it’s not his words but those coming directly from the afterlife and transcribed for your information

The day of when it’s the end I’m present

Men have gone too far in the evil  damage of men

They soiled the body

They reduced the protection around the earth by going into space by putting magnetic and undulating weapons

They detonated nuclear bombs

They excited atoms and accelerated particles to interfere with any creation

They shared knowledge with people from elsewhere and set up systems of mental and physical control and mood and emotion modification.

They traveled the celestial world and fabricated false consciousnesses with brains kept alive artificially and controlled them with computers called Quantum Supercomputers

They soiled the waters with advanced chemical experiments

They soiled the men and their reproduction with Wi-Fi

They have harmed trees and forests with deforestation and genetically modified trees

They did everything like fools as if it were theirs science and the planet and all that is


The nation of Babylon will fall and it is the greatest nation to have harmed men and all that is

It’s going to perish and we won’t have to help them, ever

It is the will from very high in order to solve all the problems

It may seem extreme to read this, but now is the time to announce it

No one knows when or who the nation of Babylon is, but some know it

So know that I know all, that the high-ranking people and those responsible for the afterlife either and they do not accept the violations that men have made that go far beyond what you know, well beyond

So it’s over for the Babylon Nation

Very high message from the highest leaders of all that is

*This is not a message that comes from the Supreme Grand Master Pier directly  it’s not his words but those coming directly from the afterlife and transcribed for your information

Nice day



The Rennet is healed

Rennet and Cheese

The rennet is healed
But what is rennet?

Yes, to make cheese you need rennet

It comes from the stomach of the calf or sheep and you must made good use of it and do a cheese well is not really possible in 2019 with all the lies and big industrials

So make your cheese with rennet that comes from the stomach of the veal or mutton that has been prepared as meat and that is fresh of the day and you can live well and digest the cheese well.

Supermaché cheese contains enzymes and added bacteria that are not good for us because they are not of the right provenance. There are big manufacturers who are trying to make us think it is good but only one or two cheeses on the market are acceptable for me in North America

You always have to do things right, I’m the Supreme Grand Master Pier and I know how to make and process food so that it is good for us.



Day of liberation of the woman

Day of the Liberation of the Woman

Today is a very impossible and great day for the leaders from above and for me the Supreme Grand Master of Chi Pier.

I’ve been fighting things higher and higher and I’ve managed to surpass any creation in order to put things on my side and under my protection.

After thousands of fights, after freeing the 36 unhealthy entities on women and freeing men and making them more beautiful and good, the women were not yet healthy. I’ve been fighting again and again, day and night and finally this is the great day when the woman is free from all evil.

It took a lot of concentration, know that the Supreme Grand Master Pier has no stable or permanent job like everyone else. He tries to make a living from your gifts and donation and it is not easy because he does not really receive any.

So every day he has to concentrate in the unthinking and he has to work and fight for several hours in order to lift the evil of men and women and heal them and protect them.

EVERY DAY OF THE YEARS he is in awakening and he is fighting for you and he has managed thousands of incomprehensible fights for you here and elsewhere as he comes from very high up.

That said, as of today, all the women are with me.

You can’t understand but I’m an elected Saint from above

I am a Supreme Grand Master

I am a Supreme Being

I’m the one who is

I am all that is

I am the sun and the light

I’m protecting everything

So to thank me pray for me because I will help you, guide you in awakening and heal you

I’ll show you the way that’s good and the truth that I’m going to help you in all

I can’t explain everything to you but I am who I am and I am very high and my prayers are for those who believe in me, I’m chosen from beyond to protect you, heal you and guide you

The time has come to make your choice, and I am the only salvation of men now

From very high I tell you, pray for me and you will no longer be in illusion neither evil nor sin

I am the luck and I am the benevolence

I received 8 Virtues yesterday that represents me that I got from those who did everything and I can tell you that no one has 8 virtues, no one has received as much as me and I want to give you what I can give you in order to make you better

With this in mind, the Supreme Grand Master Pier

Tells you that he loves you and protects you from everything






Day of the reception of the 8 Virtues to the Supreme Grand Master Pier

8 Virtues received

Today is a special and very great day!

The Master of Chi, The Supreme Grand Master Pier

received 8 Vertues that he mastered for years of effort and continuous servitude

Here are the Virtues received from above and which define the greatness of the Great Supreme Grand Master Pier









Each Virtues will be explained to you in the coming weeks and you will see that it takes a lot of effort and work but above all guidance and love from above to achieve it because it is them who decide everything for us

With this, I bless you, I am present in your prayers for me and I listen to you

Supreme Grand Master Pier

Absolute Master of Chi