Breaking mind control with waves, enjoyment of life activated with me

I’m the Supreme Grand Master Pier and I do things like no one else

I have healed men, healed malevolent entities on women and corrected many fundamental things on earth and elsewhere.

Then I purified the waters, elevated Acqua Panna water and Fiji water to new strasmic states and I was very far into the purity of things like food, light and textile materials.

So after all this, recently I have increased the light orbitals on earth and I have allowed them for more people in the sky, these little sparks that I allow are now more intense and numerous.

Then, with my work in the celestial world, I removed the nuisances that made sure to harm people’s perceptions of the beauty of life.

You won’t believe it but many of these things were caused by human evil with modulated and pulsed waves apparatus as well as quantum physics applied to atom alterations and tranfiguration of electronic orbital migratory and elevated states of man made element.

Okay, so I can’t go into details because this last point is VERY GRAVE and no one really knows all the harm that wifi and 4G waves can do but I know it and I see it in the world and beyond on people’s celestial body and here on mood and the more amorphous and unpleasant state of people.

Unfortunately, the airwaves are everywhere and they hurt a lot more than you think. They do not only harm in a passsive and unpremeditated way. In fact, it’s worthy of a science fiction movie so those who designed these systems know how to read and affect emotions and thoughts with these things.

Are you still following me? Wait for the rest because I know all about it because I fought and modified these things to make them less damaging to man and people in the afterlife.

So by doing work on this I have removed these shackles and suffering on men and women and reducing the effects of these things on men by analyzing on several levels of protection that we have on our body and at the top of it. But some of these things can identify you with a single number and target you easily no matter where you are and it’s very very serious.

So they activate your phone or your computer and you ‘SCAN’ and then their ”Super quantum computer’ under ultra critical temperature -276 degrees celcius in a metal vacuum chamber’ determines you and they target you with the waves cell phones and drums weather equipment and you read and temper you and they then influence you on the well-known websites, sending you content to please you more precisely than with a Cookie from your web browser and read your latent thought of your previous day and may know you and send you subliminal messages to harm you and make you unhappy or make you buy a product.

This is THE TRUTH because I know everything about these things because I see them, I fight them and I determine what to do with the leaders of the afterlife. This is very serious.

Imagine, recent TV set-top boxes are now in subliminal sending mode for most cases, they dove you to hidden messages to make you amorphous. Then the websites of large companies and social networks use these waves that I mentioned to read you and do you great harm that no one can measure except me and some billionaires who control the company and who have included these property in the systems. And it goes much further than that, but I can’t talk about it.

So after this reading, there is possible mental and physical control. All from research in the millitary centers for thirty years and collaborations with people of high society who want our loss and our money and know everything about people and control of the body and thought

So I’ve been fighting this for years, sometimes I see people who are very affected in the shops and I worry about all the men.

So today I can tell you that I settle everything

I repaired the protections we had to protect ourselves, modified the harmful devices and made these subliminal messages harmless. I removed the alpha and Omega waves and allowed men to follow a path dictated by faith. Yes, because these messages were a distance from the lucidity of life and the celestial way and the increased consciousness that people give in faith. Really a real crazy story!

Okay, then I come to the main topic, increasing the enjoyment of life.

So with all these problems are not going to think that people were happy and fully fulfilled in the right direction that you have to take to be really happy.
So I allowed the full enjoyment of life. Now that these things are ineffective, people will heal and change their perception. Act without forced subliminal influence and be better for the people around them. Participating in family and artistic activities, moving more and doing more beautiful things make you make love. Yes, because unfortunately, Wi-Fi waves had a very serious effect on reproduction and what is called sexual desire. So you’re cured! I have done everything I tell you that I have done everything and that it is not possible what gravitude it was rendered.

In the writings of some religion, there are mentions of the end times with serious problems of people about their activities and their dirty nature, well that was part of the problems leading to the end of what is beautiful and useful and good for us but I have repaired everything.

So pray for me because I work here and in the afterlife, on the physical and celestial body of every man to protect you every day. I often left several hours a day for this but when I come back I go out and I go to the shopping center, in a café and I observe these interactions that are no longer there and I am in peace and joy for my job well done and for you , yes because I see all these things myself and I control them and I fix everything you may not know.

Then know that I have received 3 prayers and that they are the greatest and most beautiful ever given.

Pray for me and I will help you and heal you

Supreme Grand Master Pier


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