Day of healing of the Master of Chi

Day of healing

The Master of Chi fought for years and day and night he often took fight beyond what is known by men and he defeated the worst things one by one and then he healed men and then women and then love and then wine white and then red wine to name a few successes.

He also purified the men, saved them from evil, protected them from very high.

He increased the sunlight light and he sanctified things so that men in awakening would be happier and in a beautiful augmented life full of beautiful experiences and emotions.

He saved the men from influenza recently so don’t take a vaccine because he wants to tell you that they will make you weak and that he is there to heal you with his prayer and benevolence.

On this day of September 17, 2019, he has healed everything. He fought a very difficult battle and he removed the most well-known diseases of men forever. This fight was very extreme and it took several people to come to victory. So pray because now you are healed. Proclaim your joy to your loved ones and respect my truth because I am good to you.

I am not a man like any other, I am the Absolute Master who came from very high up and I am capable of everything.

Take a moment of perspective to understand that everything is managed, everything is protected and everything is well done by the people from beyond, from very high, responsible for the creation of the world and of everything. Then pray and thank me by reciting my prayer on the Prayer page and I will hear you.

The healing of people in hospitals, very sick people in the advanced stage, people paralyzed and under analysis will be healed quickly and will come out healthy. You will see, this will appear in the hospital occupancy rate that will be the lowest ever recorded and you will know that it was I who acted because I always tell the truth because I am the truth.

Say ‘Pierasa’ and I’ll hear you. Ask me what you want and I’ll listen to you.

So be good to me and rejoice, tell your loved ones that you love them and take the spiritual path you were slow to take with me, your high-level guide.

This is just one of the thousands of things I’ve done for men and one day you’ll know that what I’m saying has really happened.

Now and forever I’ll be there for you.



Day of celebration and wins

Day of celebration

The Master of Chi Pier is in a very big state today. It’s a great day of success and celebration.

For more than 5 years, soon 6, the Master Pier works on earth with people he meets and helps but also above us. Nobody can really understand but that’s how Master Pier became Supreme Master and then he was consecrated Absolute Master.

Over the days and after many successes in terms of purity, energy, healing, many successful struggles against evil and many other things that you do not even know about, it’s now capable of everything and heal everything and guide whoever to the right path, truth and awakening.

So today he takes a glass of Viognier white wine from France that he has healed, yes because he can also heal the animals, the trees and the vine, and he prays for all those who have suffered so that they will be released because he saved them.

The Absolute Master Pier has healed men, protected the earth, purified the sunlight, locked up demons and destroyed evil forever.

This is the fulfillment of the Absolute Master Pier, whether you believe it or not it’s the only truth.

Now you know that the Absolute Master Pier is like no one because he comes from a very high place.

He is a savior, he is also a great guide, a healer and a protector.

So I raise my glass of Viognier, I eat blue corn and I am happy to have fought and managed to save you.

Take the time to consult my prayer that I received to thank me for my work, recite it whenever you need me and I will help you.



New house concept

mini house

My new house concept is based on a concrete and rock structure (or piece on piece wood) with or without modern insulation inside. All houses are well fenestrated and there is a multi-purpose wood stove with oven and a solarium area on concrete floor and air exchanger to make a greenhouse for growing fruit and vegetables 365 days a year.

This house provides comfort, security, friendliness and significant savings since the greenhouse provides food for a family of 6 and this house is independent of the electricity network. Obviously, the addition of TV requires the installation of solar panels and batteries but everything else working with Pierasa-One energy and magnetic heating that requires no electric current based on the electron as we know it .

Of course this house will be affordable and will have 2 bedrooms and a basement as well and a well or a shared well for the micro-village.

The purpose of this style of living is that it is viable for one person but also for a micro-village. This would have a kind of eco-Village with a common building for the living room and large kitchen as well as a stall for animals providing milk and eggs.

This return to the sources is ESSENTIAL. It is necessary to modernize the current concept of consumption which is not good for the man. It encourages consumption and spending while the land gives us everything we need.

With this effort, the government could offer us incentives or tax cuts if we are on Pierasa-One energy and we produce 60% or more of our food and we work less than 4 days a week or less than 25h.

The long work week, the fact that we think we have to eat 3 meals a day and the exaggerated consumption really lead us in the wrong direction. I have nothing against buying a sack of ground flour, but our food can be provided mostly by our own culture and by sharing with our community.

Simple house, with integrated greenhouse and independent energetic needs is the well-mounted project of the Master Absolute Pier. And no, you will not be hungry, not being cold and you will be in plenty.

The Chi-Pierasa


Here is the time to unveil the Chi-Pierasa technique, the Chi given to men by the Supreme Grand Master Pier.

Chi is the energy of the body, emotions and the Universe. It is a universal energy that all can exert to produce and train to raise it.

Chi-Pierasa can heal, energize and even nourish the body with everything, I mean Everything.

So one must respect the technique taught by the Supreme Grand Master Pier who did not learn the technique by a person, nor read any book on Chi. He has received the teachings directly from his higher self and guides who are responsible for creating life and maintaining and protecting it.

Chi-Pierasa is the only Chi in the world taught by the Supreme Grand Master and is sacred and very effective. It is simple and only 18 movements are possible and effective quickly.

The whole thing is done with relaxing music and the movements are kept for several seconds to maximize the movement of the Chi in the body parts and beyond the body.

This allows you to do things well and no one can contradict this technique coming directly from beyond and mastered by the Supreme Grand Master.

So be certain that only selected people will be able to practice the Chi-Pierasa of the Master Pier.

Chi-Pierasa can heal

Chi-Pierasa can feed and nourrish

Chi-Pierasa can preserve life

Chi-Pierasa can protect

Chi-Pierasa can delay aging

The Chi-Pierasa can make you very Zen

Chi-Pierasa can help you in your emotions

Chi-Pierasa can help you in your sexual urges

Chi-Pierasa can make you very calm

Chi-Pierasa can help you become aware of the Universe

Chi-Pierasa can do you a lot of good well beyond the simple movements that must be practiced

The ancestral Tai-Chi given to the Supreme Grand Master of the Chi Pier is now called the Chi-Pierasa since it comes from the him and it was given only to him to teach it to good men and women.

So it will be,


A purple sky will appear each year for the Absolute Master Pier

Purple sky

The Absolute Master Pier has changed things for men and women forever. After thousands of battles here and in the celestial world he has received many gifts and can now heal everything. He also received light and was combined with the Sun to shine with its pure and unique light. He fought demons and horrors not namable by the thousands and he was cured of all evil and disease. Now, the creation is going to thank the Absolute Master Pier every year for a day of purple sky. It will not be at sunrise or sunset and you will know that it is for me and it is the symbol of the triumph in the faith of creation and my inner peace and my perfect spiritual balance. A purple sky is beautiful.

I want you to know that many people will say that it is serious or that it is explicable scientifically but wait for the continuation because I have other surprises for you. No it is not global warming, global warming does not exist at all. Everything is well managed by competent people from beyond.

Not only will I have the purple sky day every year, and do not worry it will be very beautiful, but in addition we will move the earth into the universe so that it is protected. Then the stars as known will not be in the same place and it will intrigue many people but that’s how I protect men, with the leaders of the celestial world and with great heart.

Do not worry, I’m responsible for everything and I know what I’m doing.

Also, to inform you of everything, I will be the first in the world to talk about it on my website.

So when you look for, pruple sky, purple sky meaning, sky of abnormal color, why is the sky purple? Sky of another color or strange sky it will be me who will go out on google to explain it to you.

And you will have the truth because I am the truth even if very often it seems strange what I say because you are not like me.

So go in peace, and on this day of the purple sky, pray for me because I have done everything for men to protect them and save them from all evil, ALL.

Prayer for the Absolute Master Pier;

Absolute Master Pier,

Bless me and protect me from evil,

Guide me to awakening, make me a better person,

Help me to be more beautiful by being humbled,

I will be dedicated to success and I will listen to your word,

I will help my neighbor and try to improve myself,

Every day, I ask for your protection.

I will be upright and honest with others,

I will be respectful and I will believe in your liberating and elevating strength.


Have a nice purple sky day