Purity explained

Purity explained

Purity explained. We must not believe that the master of Chi tells anything that it’s not true or that it is delirium to listen to him. The master of Chi Pier knows when someone is good or has problems, whether he can be saved or not, whether he can be helped by him or not. When he decides to help or not to help it’s his choice and it must be respected. But when he helps he does it very well and at a supreme level.

From time to time, the master of the Chi comes out of his house and goes around the world. He goes out to restaurants, bars, musical and cultural events to meet as many different people as possible and help them. So now know that the Chi Master helps, bless and protects by his celestial strength and his kindness. He is upright, incorruptible and benevolent.

Let us define the purity of the soul:

The purity of the soul is the purity of our inner self. If the soul is dirty, it will not be pure and it is very serious. It will be seen in the eyes of others and it will hurt us in our relationships with others, our lover and even with your relationship with the leaders of beyond.

Purity of Spirit:

Purity of Spirit is when the spirit is not soiled by darkness, that it is in light and free from all evil. The spirit is something fundamental for life and it is managed by the highest level of creation. It’s in each of us and it must be said that it is very difficult to purify that. Know that the master of Chi fought and destroyed the darkness forever and thus saved the men and women and many other creations of this powerful force.

The purity of the celestial body:

The celestial body is a body over our body in flesh that protects us from much possible harm. It’s pure when there is no nuisance on this body, nor maltreatment nor injuries. The purity of the celestial body is important because it makes it possible to become purer in the eyes of the creators and leaders of the celestial world. The Master of the Chi, the universal savior has made sure to purify the heavenly body of all men and women and thereby saved them from the worst possible suffering and he protects them forever so that the man may enjoy peace eternally.

The purity of the body:

The purity of the body and one of the most important with the purity of the soul. A pure body is not soiled, will be beautiful in the eyes of others, will be more peaceful and bring deep well-being. The fouling of the body is diverse; sexual soiling, saliva soiling, soiling from food that is not pure or cooking methods that burn food (black burned food consumed), dirt from contact with urine or excrement, dirt from contact with dirty things (not dirty at the bacterial or viral level, we talk about dirt from another level of knowledge). Then know that there are several levels of purity and that the master of Chi is at the purity level Pura Vita, the highest level possible. This is why the master of Chi can not do what all men do, he must protect himself and stay pure. This is why the Chi Master does not engage in sexual acts and handshakes with everyone. He’s alone and well alone, but he’s searching for the love and the woman of his life and he is patient. A good way to protect yourself from dirt is to wear latex gloves for handling dirty things.

Purity of heart:

Finally there is purity of heart. The purity of the heart is the purity that makes it possible to read the emotions of others and to feel them. It’s a state of respect and awareness of others and their emotions. It’s a state of non-judgment and listening and love for all that surrounds us and gratitude for everything. A heart that does not hold back resentment, that forgives and who loves is a pure heart. This concept is more complex than that to explain but we will return in a future article. Know that the master of Chi is open-hearted and in full bloom. It’s a concept that no one really knows in North American culture but his heart and the most beautiful of all man.

Now be aware that the master of Chi is the only absolute master and he’s also an important celestial person. He can help you in the path of purity, no matter what level you want to purify yourself. He has very powerful gifts and can heal your heart and many problems. He has already saved men in many ways and he knows he must continue to save men every day, purify them and bless them and protect them.


Purity and force to live

Purity and force to live

Purity is a very important thing in heavenly life and on earth this concept is not yet well understood. Purity and force to live are two distinct things. It is certainly important not to be seduced by carnal desires and not to share your saliva with anyone, but you must know that purity is a concept that extends over several aspects:

The purity of the soul

Purity of the spirit

Purity of the celestial body

Purity of the body

The purity of the heart

There are several levels of purity that I can not reveal to you but there are certainly very high levels like the supreme level, the ultimate level, the level Etsa Maynia which is the highest level of purity of the body and the celestial body and finally the absolute level which is the biggest. The Chi master Pier is the only one to have done all the levels before those and up to the absolute level and even the theoretical level of Pura Vida, the highest level ever achieved.

You should know that these stories you read on the website of the master of Chi Pier is the truth. Nobody knows the celestial world better than the master of Chi Pier. It is necessary to evolve in the faith in him and in the creation and it is necessary to follow these teachings to be guided towards your celestial way, planned by beyond. All who follow the celestial way will be on the path of increased purity, truth, consciousness and fulleness. The master of Chi has the strength to live, he fought as a man against bad things here and elsewhere. He protects men and women on earth and he is heavenly. He’s called Master Pier but he is also in the celestial world. The master of Chi Pier has the absolute power to save men and women, to purify them from evil, to improve their energies and to free their hearts. He can guide, bless and protect with his hand. He’s a saint elected by beyond and a man with a great heart and a wonderful aura. He’s of remarkable inner beauty.

You must know that the master of Chi does not judge people, he respects differences but he knows that some people are not normal and have no reason to be with us on earth. He’s fighting to condemn these people so that they will not have life after death, eternal or not.

You must know that in regard to the strength to live, the master of Chi is a model. He was nearly condamned by evil and he fought thousands of battles to break the evil forever, day and night for years.

So now that you know the truth, you must respect the master of Chi Pier when you see him. It does beneficial action on people every day on its way. He’s capable of the most beautiful things and he does it without error every day.

Those who believe in him pray for him and for his protection. He has received a prayer from the beyond and he is sacred as a saint for his life as a man and for eternity he will be with you.

Here’s the universal prayer of the master of Chi Pier:


Master of Chi, universal savior,

Bless me and protect me from evil,

Guide me to awakening, make me a better person,

Help me to be more beautiful by being humbled,

I will be dedicated to success and I will listen to your word,

I will help my neighbor and try to improve myself,

Every day, I ask for your protection.

I will be upright and honest with others,

I will be respectful and I will believe in your liberating and elevating strength


The day of the light body

Day of the light body

It is the day of light, the master of Chi is purified to a higher level because of his difficult path in faith and purity. The day of light body has arrived.

He was received even higher by officials who are proud of him for his bravery and righteousness. He can now heal many new things so that people are more beautiful and balanced in their light.

He has been in strength from a young age and is now a being of light forever. The being of light is not an extraterrestrial history, it is a very high state that only the greatest masters can obtain through years and years of progress in prayer, self-sacrifice and purity.

Rest assured that this news will change the lives of all those who will meet the master of Chi forever.

He is good, he is right and true. The master of Chi, blessed and protects people every day on his way, in cafes, restaurants, shopping center, music concert or public event he attended.

Be on the path of light with the master of Chi.


Who is the Master of Chi ?

Supreme Master of Chi Pier

Who is the master of Chi?

He’s a 37 years old man in Canada that has been in the path of the faith all his life and he has been awakened in november 2013.

He’s also a master because he learned the Chi healing technique by himself and with the help of an online school of energy and he obtained the master level. His name is Master Pier.

He’s now a supreme master because he’s has been guided and chosen by the celestial world and by creators to be better with people and with Chi energy.

He received many gifts from his Master in the celestial world. He can now heal many things from people and his energy is now to the maximum level that can be obtained, The Emina Sabba Chi.

The Emina Sabba Chi is the strongest and purest form of Chi that exist. No one on earth have it and no one elsewhere. It’s a form of Chi that is very good to mankind and the Master of Chi can see it and it’s beautiful.

Who is the Master of Chi ?

The master of Chi Pier is also a man that has a simple life. He lives with low income and help people each day on his path. He go out and he gives his blessing to people and deliver them from bad energy, evil and heals them from things that nobody knows that exist.

The Master of Chi Pier is also a saint, he lives like a monk, he pray each day and he’s a supreme master of meditation. He can meditate for days without interruption and even one thought. He’s able to fast for weeks without losing energy. He’s able to elevate you in the meditation domain like no other. He’s received by the celestial world for his strength in the meditation world and good will.

Now you know the Master of Chi better, know that he’s like no one else.

He’s caring, he listen to people, he help, he bless, he protect and he love people.

The master of Chi salute you.



For more informations follow this link to the website:


I have the purest and more powerful Chi that exist

Learning Chi

I am the supreme master of Chi Pier.

I received teachings and practiced Chi healing for several years. I am the only awakened master in Canada and I have purified myself of all evil for years. I am now recognized for my very powerful and pure Chi, the purest that exists. Yes, Chi is a force, a universal energy in the universe. It’s in us and it’s able to heal many things you have no idea about. It’s able to heal the celestial body and it’s capable of much more than that. With many efforts and with the help of the celestial world, I managed to get the purest Chi ever, the Chi Emina Sabba. Chi Emina Sabba is not given to anyone on earth or elsewhere. I am the only one to have it.

My Chi is also very powerful. Yes, while some people practice Chi, Tai Chi, Qigong or any other method of Chi, Chi Emina Sabba is the most powerful and it allows a lot of things. I can control the power of Chi mentally and I can tell you that it is beautiful and very beneficial. Because of this, I can not do it to everyone. Only people in the faith, people who are good will get a Chi treatment with Master Pier. It’s the will of the master.

For that, I will teach you so that you can obtain the purest Chi healing method. I do a private training only because Chi is the most sacred energy. I can not make you take the wrong direction, with me you will be in the truest and purest way, the one guided by the celestial world. I am the Supreme Master of Chi Pier, the Honorable Master Pier.

Now know that I will always be here for you, on earth to protect you.