Complete detox and purification service

It’s with great pleasure that I will help you to make a really effective detoxification to get rid of the toxins that are accumulated in your body. No kit already made from the pharmacy, no intense discomfort, no significant side effect because I master this technique wonderfully. It must be said that I am a bachelor of science and food technology with concentration in chemistry and I am here to tell you the real things I have learned over the years.

I’ve chosen for you fresh foods to buy. I’ve made for you a menu with delicious and quick meal choices that are very nutritious. The secret lies in a large quantity of raw foods but also the quality of the fats consumed. There are some secrets that I will reveal to you in person of course 🙂

I even had prepared a grocery list to help you buy everything you need. There are also natural supplements that are essential to detoxify the body and ideally fresh juices.

This detoxification is essential to practice Chi energy and Chi healing. It also improves your meditation and is good for your body because it gets rid of toxins and it will make you less likely to be sick. This detoxification is of variable duration. Ideally it takes 1 month to purify yourself completely but 2 weeks strict can greatly improve your condition.

Write us an email message for a personalized appointment. I will follow up with you by phone and email for 2 weeks and I will be there to answer all your questions and assist you when needed.


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