Answer to frequently asked questions:

Is a Chi energy dangerous for my health ?

Not at all, a Chi treatment is harmless. It's recommended to restore the energies of the body and everyone can practice it. It's not like Reiki treatments that can really hurt the body and your psychic health. Never trust a person who does Reiki. I know the energies and I master them and you would be right to worry about Reiki except if you are 100% Japanese.

What is your availability ?

I'm available tuesday to saturday during the day and in the weekdays on evening. Appointment needed.

Are you able to get to my home for learning session ?

Yes, It's even better to do the practice at home for better security and well being.

I request a photo of you by email before moving to your house to check your energy and the possibility of my services to you.

What is the Chi-Pierasa and the Chi healing ?

Chi is a force, a vital energy that is in us. It's beneficial and is sometimes called prana. It's the source of our energy and the source of our emotions. It must be known that it is very powerful and it can heal, purify and repair the body. It is an invisible energy but a Master can easily feel it and control it with his mind. You must know that Chi has always existed and it is very good for the body to practice producing it.

Chi-Pierasa is a kind of Chi energy and exercie in movement similar to Tai-Chi that only the Supreme Grand Master Pier has. He received it directly from above because he's the purest man that exist. The Chi-Pierasa is able to heal anything and it's easy to practice with only 18 body positions. It's able to energise, to help live longer and to be in perfect health.

Chi healing is a kind of cold energy Chi that can heal and is beneficial for wounds, chakras and emotional issues. Mood and appetite disorders, problems with loss of libido, headaches and more. The Supreme Grand Master Pier Masters each different kind of Chi and can tech you the one that is good for you. The Chi-Pierasa is the ultimate Chi healing technique that no one has on earth.

Is the Master of Chi Pier is a member of a kind of religious group?

No, the Supreme Grand Master Pier is an awakened Master chosen from above for his wisdom and righteousness, his incorruptibility and benevolence and his servitude. He's alone and he served like no man the highest leaders from above and he received inconceivable gifts and talents.

He has been helping thousands of men and women for years, purifying light and water, helping trees and animals to heal and he feel and he's a being connected to everything and he's everything including the Sun. He's here to guide and help the benevolent people and kind one

The Master of Chi Pier has unveiled his plans to help humanity move in the right direction, help people in need, nature and the earth to get better with his project and organisation Supreme Master Pier http://www.maitresupreme.com