Free showers

Supreme Master Pier wants to provide showers to people in need.

This is not simple because the current rules do not favour this but here is the project.

Free showers can be to open a company or organisation after normal business hours and allow people on the street to access it for free for 2 hours. This method requires security and a cleaning crew or agreement to reimburse a portion of the cleaning costs to the institution. It may be good that people in need can take advantage of it as these facilities are for members, employees or students normally but are not used during the night and evening normally.

Then the major project is the free mobile ecological shower of Supreme Master Pier. For homeless people, athletes and people participating in event sports activities.

This large mobile bathroom is housed in a solid and hygienic shelter, uses municipal water from a fountain terminal and heats its water with a passive technique on the roof! These seasonal showers would be perfect for cities like Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa for example and could cost between $20,000 and $30,000 for construction or more but reusable at will for years. A mobile cleaning team could pass twice a day and lock the shower once in the evening. Led lighting by solar panels, economical use of water, stainless steel sink and mirror, resistant white flooring, 2 to 3 shower units per mobile bathroom.

This is the project of the Supreme Master Pier

Help us now put it into action

Have a nice day

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