Give filtered water and water well for people in need

The Master of Chi wants to help people who don’t have water.

Whether it’s overseas or in remote places in Canada, he wants people in villages to have filtered water or a well to drink and wash and cook safely.

Filtered water

To do this, he must do some research and find the necessary ressources to allow this change.

In Africa there are places where you can do that, in America too.

The goal is to drill a well, ideally it is to buy a drilling vehicle and go around the places where you need a well and hire workers who make the trip and do the work. No more complicated than that! Obviously this requires permissions from the country or places where there will be this work done.

Then, the option if the budget allows is to add to the source of the well an stainless steel sink with mechanical faucet and an outdoor shower so that people can find comfort and utility.


This is the work plan of the Master of Chi and the work of the unregistered charity organisation of the Supreme Master Pier.

Thank you for your support and donations

Master of Chi

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