I’m the Supreme Grand Master elected from beyond for you

I am the Supreme Master Pier and I am not like the other Masters because I am elected from beyond as a Saint of creation and life

I am present to heal you and I have healed men of everything in this day and for several days I have been working very hard for you and I will be the message of wisdom and truth for you for hundreds of years to come, you will see , I am who I am and I have all the gifts

I am the ‘Zendaya’, the pure and universal force that engenders any reparation

I am the very high approval by the word ‘Zendaya’ thank me for the work I do

Through the ‘Pierasa’, you put your faith in me, the only saving of men and I will be with you forever

Say ‘Pierasa and I’ll hear you

Pray for me and I will heal you and feed you

I am here forever I tell you no one fought evil like the Supreme Master Pier, the Absolute Master and the Grand Master elected saint from beyond

So take a minute’s silence to realize that everything is with me and that I am all that is.

Take a minute to thank me for the most beautiful summer ever given to the men in the Laurentians in Québec, Canada

Pray for me for protecting men from the top and condemning the wrong people who harm you

For I am the Supreme Grand Master Pier and I am here to guide you in truth and high faith, the only door for your salvation and eternal life

‘Pray for me’



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