Support people and nature

I want to support people who are homeless, people who do not have clean water to drink and a shower, people who do not have food, beautiful endangered animals, natural resources and new energy.

To do this, I must develop technologies and methods with specialists, I collaborate in the study of projects with cities, I do everything myself to be certain that everything will be done.

I do not let people think it's impossible, I often do the impossible for people I guide and heal so nothing will stop me.

I ask for your help to help my projects in the form of donations. I do not work with a charity in my name because I want to keep my ability to decide and that I am alone in my projects.

I love man and nature and I know how to preserve life and live with new resources and energy.

Here are my projects and implications below, take the time to read the articles by clicking on Learn more ..

Thank you for your support

Absolute Master Pier


Filtered water

No matter where people are, they must have access to a well for drinking water. The Absolute Master Pier will take care of this and pay for well drilling costs at key locations as well as the simple and approved filtration system and an all-purpose sink and outdoor shower with automatic mechanical shutdown control. Because of this, people will enjoy it every day and entire villages will benefit from this

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Free showers

Allow city sportsmen and visitors to take a free shower as much as the people in the street in need. Seasonal mobile showers will be installed at key locations and cleaned daily. They be made of reused metal containers and use green technology to heat the water

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Hunting and predation by men is not good for tigers and elephants. We must fight against this and pay guides and game wardens to protect the areas at risk. Also, a viable ecosystem for these animals must be put in place and their environment protected from deforestation and industrialization.

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You must know that the Master of Chi is a bachelor in food sciences. He can understand the production and preservation of food and he knows new methods for that.

More productive land without pesticides, encouragement of organic farming, conservation without refrigerators or chemicals and many other methods.

I also want to preserve ancestral grains (Kamut, spelt, oats) and ancestral varieties of fruits and vegetables such as watermelon with seeds, grapes with seeds, cantaloupe, cortland and granny smith apples, ancestral coffee, blueberries, raspberries and rainy cherries, yellow and Italian red Roma tomatoes, to name a few.

Preserving life and these varieties will be possible for me at research and conservation centers all over the world but also for growers who sometimes have ancestral seeds. I will have to make purchases and a large garden on a biological land to determine that people will come to visit and see how much it is possible to cultivate and live off the land.

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New energy

I have the knowledge of a new energy and I know how to bring Pierasa-One energy that mobilizes magnetic electric motors of all kinds. I can run an electric car without a battery or conventional power, I can run a battery-less mixer, a saw and many other things.

This will revolutionize the world but we must adapt the existing engines to this renewable energy because the electrical and electronic modules in place are not what to do for that. This energy is clean and safe for humans and without release of heat. This is 100% renewable energy because it comes from above

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New house concept

I worked in the field of real estate finance and I learned about green homes. I am familiar with the benefits of a healthy, well-built home and I favor building at a lower cost and totally independent house in both summer and winter. To do this you do not need solar panels or expensive equipment, you need Pierasa-One energy and magnetic heat energy that I will reveal.

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