New energy

Supreme Master Pier knows new energy production methods and knows how to heat and light and provide work with these methods but he must develop the existing components today in order to be compatible with this energy. .

For example, he knows the Pierasa-One energy that was given to him that mobilizes magnetic electric motors. He knows the Pierasa-OneL energy that ignites the incandescent components and the magnetic heating energy that works with this energy very different from that of the electron that we know and all wireless and without heat release (except for lamp).

Finally, the BetaPier particle that lifts the metal is also on the development agenda.

It seems straight out of science fiction but no it is not.

So we have to find a way to make an engine system compatible with Pierasa-One energy to put in place, make tools, small practical appliances and electric stove that work with that energy.

I will work with people who have a great open mind and a good sense of invention to develop all this. I need donations to do research and prototypes and I want this technology to be given to you at no cost because it comes from me the Supreme Master Pier.

Of course, production costs and a small profit from sales are understandable to ensure that everything is viable in terms of production and operations, but no other costs or royalties will be charged.

This is a solution to heat homes for free, light up and even provide machine tools without batteries and small mixers.

This energy is 100% renewable, green and without pollution or environmental impact (except for the production of magnets and tungsten elements)

I know it seems impossible but it is possible, anything is possible with the Supreme Master Pier 🙂

I ask you for generous donations and you will not be disappointed by me because I always tell the truth.

Nice day

Supreme Master Pier

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