New house concept

My new house concept is based on a concrete and rock structure (or piece on piece wood) with or without modern insulation inside. All houses are well fenestrated and there is a multi-purpose wood stove with oven and a solarium area on concrete floor and air exchanger to make a greenhouse for growing fruit and vegetables 365 days a year.

This house provides comfort, security, friendliness and significant savings since the greenhouse provides food for a family of 6 and this house is independent of the electricity network. Obviously, the addition of TV requires the installation of solar panels and batteries but everything else working with Pierasa-One energy and magnetic heating that requires no electric current based on the electron as we know it .

Of course this house will be affordable and will have 2 bedrooms and a basement as well and a well or a shared well for the micro-village.

The purpose of this style of living is that it is viable for one person but also for a micro-village. This would have a kind of eco-Village with a common building for the living room and large kitchen as well as a stall for animals providing milk and eggs.

This return to the sources is ESSENTIAL. It is necessary to modernize the current concept of consumption which is not good for the man. It encourages consumption and spending while the land gives us everything we need.

With this effort, the government could offer us incentives or tax cuts if we are on Pierasa-One energy and we produce 60% or more of our food and we work less than 4 days a week or less than 25h.

The long work week, the fact that we think we have to eat 3 meals a day and the exaggerated consumption really lead us in the wrong direction. I have nothing against buying a sack of ground flour, but our food can be provided mostly by our own culture and by sharing with our community.

Simple house, with integrated greenhouse and independent energetic needs is the well-mounted project of the Master Absolute Pier. And no, you will not be hungry, not being cold and you will be in plenty.

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