Protection of the nature and food

Supreme Master Pier can make a difference every day for you.

He has gifts of healing and he is the one who brings communion and purification and healing with food through awakening.

Be sure that you will experience beautiful things with me in the near future but for now I have to focus on protecting nature and seeds from several very important foods.

To do this, I decided to go and do my research in Canada and elsewhere in the seed conservation centres in order to find the most pure and natural ancestral seeds possible to put them back in the hands of the people who want to grow them in their garden. Many growers also have seeds that are sometimes ancestral and beautiful and I have to do some research.

I want to protect watermelons with seeds, yes because there are only seedless melons and this is not good for us.

I want to protect the grapes and vines with seeds, the concord vine, the Gewurtztraminer vine and viognier for wine.

I want to preserve the Italian roma tomatoes, the round yellow tomatoes.

I want to preserve the Granny smith apple and the cortland apple.

On top of that, I want to preserve the bell potato. red cabbage and butternut squash.

Finally, I want to preserve the giant royal blueberry and the black raspberry catherinette.

That’s what I want.

In addition, I want fruit trees to be naturalized. I mean I don’t want any more man-made variety, self-sterile and without possible fruit production alone. I disagree with that and I want that to change.

Thank you for helping me

Supreme Master Pier

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