Services are AT HOME only and offered in the lower laurentians region, north of montreal included. I am from St-Jerome and I travel by car. For sessions in Montreal or on the South Shore you must pay an additional 20$. For north of ste-agathe-des-monts it's also and additionnal 20$.

Here are the services offered (see business services also):

Chi Healing courses

Basic course of Chi-Healing by an awakened Master. Perfect for increasing your body Chi energy and healing yourself. Well-being garantee, basic Chi diet inclued with 2 courses or more. 30 minutes, $ 45

Group class available, special discounted price for elder people.

Meditation for beginners

This course is for knowing how to meditate well and with proper technique.

I'm a supreme Master of meditation and I know people responsible that receive people doing so above us. When you meditate correctly and focus on nothing doing it, it's beautiful what can happen in your life.

45 minutes, 45$

Ascending meditation

This meditation is offered only for the meditation masters and spiritual people. You will be received and feel elevated with this memorable session.

Price on demand.

Chi-Pierasa courses

Chi-Pierasa is only given to Supreme Grand Master of Chi Pier. This energy is restorative and relaxing. Way better than any other energy exercise. It heals very important things and it's vital.

This exercise is similar to tai-Chi and a mix of yoga.

Picture needed by e-mail for eligibility

Ultimate lessons of energy exercise not for everyone

*All prerequisite needed, all other service or purification needed*

Purification by the tea at home

Do you like tea ?

Live the Ultimate tea experience at home. Nothing comes close. Purification by sacred tea. Elimination of hidden problems and feeling of happiness and calm assured. It begins with purification of the hands and then the preparation of 2 exceptional hand-picked and very rare and expensive teas originating directly from Japan and organic. One is a sencha green tea and the other a matcha for a complete experience. The preparation is done in a very special cast iron teapot unique in the world worth 450$ with fine hand painted cups from Japan. I do all my tea with a very pure water from a mountain in Italy. Nothing is left to chance. You will not find these teas anywhere else! With or without Japanese traditional music. Valid for 2 people. 75 minutes, 75$

Recommended prerequisite: Chi-healing course service x 2 persons

Purification with red wine or rosé champagne

Some rare wines are sacred and I found them for you. This wine cleansing session can help you a lot in removing bad things from your body. This activity is sacred, you must respect the ceremony and you will receive a special and lasting blessing. Everything is done in Riedel crystal wine glasses of the highest quality. Each wine has different purification properties. You can do both if you like. Perfect complement to tea purification service

For 2 people, wine purification, 100 $

For 2 people, purification with rosé champagne, 195 $

Recommended prerequisite: Chi healing course x 2 persons

Purification by black coffee

This purification goes even further than just enjoying coffee. A coffee "pour over" will be served fresh ground with the purest water in the world and you can enjoy a Brazilian coffee made according to the traditional natural method. Aromas of toffee, chocolate and grilled hazelnuts and a clean and crisp acidity all without bitterness.

Good for 2 people, $ 75

Recommended prerequisite: Chi healing course x 2 persons

Purification menu and complete detox plan

Includes a full 2-week menu, help with the selection of natural supplements, coaching and email support for 1 week included. Shopping session possible for $ 20 more. 75 $

Meditation in the nature with a river

Meditation session in the most beautiful park in the lower Laurentians Rivière-du-Nord regional park. Access to the view of the water falls, very relaxing, meditation on rock is often possible. Anchor to nature and live beautiful moments. Rate $ 59, 90 minutes, includes entry to the site for $ 10 for the day.

Chi Healing for wounds and bone fracture

Chi Healing Treatment to heal wounds and fractures faster. Includes treatment and a special prayer. It's useful to do 1-2 treatments to make it even more effective because during a fracture the vital energy is often broken and it must be restored. Chi helps restore natural healing energy in the affected body member. $ 75 per home session, 45$ for next additionnal treatment for the same problem.

Awakening and Spiritual Guide

I can awaken you to truth and the creation. I am a powerful spiritual guide and well connected with the right energies. I feel people, I feel things and everything alive and I can make you aware of it. I know Chi, I know healing, and I know how to see good and bad through people. I will be there to guide you in your life, help you in your difficult choices, your conflicts, your love debates by healing your heart. I can do many things even bring you a very high and special blessing. All for FREE.

*selected people only by Supreme Master Pier

Overseas service of Chi healing and meditation and spiritual guide

I offer my services internationally you only have to pay the airfare and offer me a personal room. Rates per day, $ 200 per day maximum 14 days minimum 2 days. Raise your awareness with the only Supreme

grand Chi Master in the world and move on the path of spiritual awakening and respect and gratitude of the creation and life.

Cold shower to purify the body

Important element during an advanced purification from above. It's necessary to be naked and under cold water for several minutes. For selected people only and under supervision and control of Supreme Grand Master Pier. Unique and personal experience to everyone. All in the respect of the body and the professionalism of the Master Pier. Price on demand. Ultra rare occurence of this treatment on people.


Chi Healing course x 1

Body purification by tea x 1

Body purification by wine or champagne x 3

Body purification by black coffee x 1

Chi healing course x 3

Chi-Pierasa course x 1

Meditation for beginner x 1

Meditation for Master x 1


Course on foods and their benefits

The Chi Master is also a bachelor of food science and chemistry. He can help you understand several foods and their real benefits. Ancestral therapeutic effects of 55+ food explained, the truth at your doorstep. 60 minutes, $ 45

Know how to choose the right products (food and hygiene related)

Know what products to buy for full well-being. Know what lifestyle is optimal and do not cause problems. Tips on hygiene products that are safer and more. 60 minutes, $ 45

For information on the best food products awarded of La pomme d'or, visit:

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