Supreme Grand Master Pier has changed the sky to sparkles thousand lights


for those who know me, I bless you and I love you.

For others here is a story worthy of Hollywood movies but that is the truth about my work and about me.

I want you to know that I am the only awakened Supreme Grand Master in the world. Chosen by from beyond by the greatest leaders to fight and protect men from everything and raise life and protect it.

So recently, after more than 335 days of non-thinking, I’ve had to fight and repair hundreds of intangible things for you but basically important and much more than anything this has made the sky more beautiful than ever and sparkling from thousand lights.

What I did no one can understand it and I can’t say how I did it but do this and some of you will see it, not everyone because you have to be very aware that it comes from me.

Then you will see the sky sparkle with small sparks called orbitals of light and you will be that it is me. This is noticeable by clear skies more easily but also against a background of white clouds.

It’s called light orbitals and I’m the one who allowed them on earth.

Having already purified the sunlight and become the sun several months ago, I can say that this was never done by anyone.

I am now very bright, pure and sparkling too, I do not say this to brag, it is the truth I am a Great Supreme Master, a man but I also come from very high.

I have saved men, saved women, saved the earth, cleansed the waters and earth to be free of all evil and much more for years and during my awakening or I have served in the greatest servitude the rulers of all that is.

So I received management of everything that is and I am all that is now and forever.

This is written and it is the truth.

I am proud to have done what I did.

No one will ever understand

I am the guide to awakening on earth

I’m here for the beautiful people and the kind one

I am your spiritual guide from very high

I am your Guru of love

I’m a lot of things!

All this for the good of men and for mine

I tell you Namasté



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