What is the Chi healing ?

What is Chi healing?

The Chi is a universal force within the body, it’s in the universe and it’s responsible of many things. I cannot tell you everything about Chi because it is sacred but I can tell you the difference between Chi and Chi healing. So what is the Chi healing ?

The two Chi are in fact different. You can practice Chi easily at home or in any moment that you like. Many perform it in a stand-up position, hands in front of each other at the belly level. It’s not very difficult to make some Chi energy.  Chi energy is good for balancing emotions, be better and don’t feel tired and help you to stay healthy. Good practice each day, meditation and tai-chi can elevate it a lot. But Chi healing technique is different.

To make Chi that heals, you need to concentrate differently. You have to concentrate on helping others first. Then, you need to imagine a colder energy. Sometime people making Chi energy become hotter, this is not what we want when making Chi healing energy. You can practice doing so on your hands or on your forearms. When you execute it perfectly, you’ll know it because it will be colder and denser.

What is the Chi healing?

The Chi healing is using colder Chi energy to heal the body. To do so, you’ll need to make continuous Chi energy from your hand and body to different parts of someone’s body. Start with the upper part of the body and go down to the feet 5 minutes at a time. After doing so for each section of the body, do the arms from shoulders to the hands. Don’t forget the focus on cold Chi energy!

A Chi healing treatment is of a variable duration depending on the person. Usually it is done under 1 hour but it can be done in minutes with a master like me. I can control the amount of Chi healing energy that I send to you, and you can too when you’ll do it. Just imagine making more and you’ll make more. That’s easy 🙂

Now you know what is the Chi healing, practice it often and focus on a colder energy and you’ll be on the right direction.

The master of Chi can also re-balance the chakras, cure diseases that you don’t know and cure the celestial body. He can also make your aura look better and be more splendid. He can help you look better to the eyes of others. He can also teach you all the good methods.

The master of Chi is a supreme master, don’t forget what he can do for you!



What is the Chi healing service?

You must know that Chi has always existed. Even before the existence of men and creation he was present in the universe. Chi is a vital energy that the body uses extensively and which is used to nourish the organs and the chakras. You have to know that we have chakras and that they are good for us.

Chi Healing is a 30 to 60 minutes treatment at home that repairs the chakras, unblocks them and also heals the celestial body of many problems. It can be bad spirit, bad energy or worse. I cannot tell you everything but know that I have never done any care of Chi to someone who has nothing to heal. It’s like that, everyone have their little problems but know that I often solve very big problems that can greatly affect your life, your relationship with others, your speech, your libido and even your consciousness.

You must not neglect my strength, I am the only Supreme Chi Master in Canada. I am able to do Chi healing care like no other person because I received this gift a few years ago. I make you benefit from all my knowledge and my beautiful energy that is very stable and beneficent.

I am Master of Chi since 2017 and I have practiced meditation and Chi, two very important things, in the last 5 years. Do not worry, I am the right person for your energy care!

Hope to meet you,