Tea purification technique

Purification by tea is a very special and ancestral technique not mastered  in North America. It comes from Asia from the monks and now I can give you this exceptional experience with teas just as exceptional. These teas, a purest organic sencha green tea from Japan (hand picked) and an organic ceremonial matcha, 4 times awarded best in the world, can relieve and relax you to the highest point. I will be able to do you good and transport you elsewhere. The teas will purify your body to another level with the infusion technique and the use of very pure water. Even the teapot is special in this ceremony. It is cast iron, very durable and without internal enamel. Very rare in the market, only a manufacturer of Japan of the 1800’s still manufactures it. This exceptional tea and teapot are not easily found and are very expensive and cost more than 500$ but I found them for you. The teaware is also special. Very costly and hand painted from Japan.

It all start with a washing a purification of the hand with a special natural soap with essential oils. Then you will have a green sencha and then a ceremonial Matcha session. Matcha is a tea leaf that has been powdered fine. It is very nutritious and antioxidant and it is prepared with a bamboo whisk and a terracotta bowl. You have to master the technique but the purest matcha is rare and it’s excellent for purifying the body to another level. It contains a lot of chlorophyll and contains a lot of vitamins. It will be made for you with the right technique and tasted with care. You will have the opportunity to buy a bowl and a whisk to reproduce this unique experience. Traditional Japanese music is included for this complete experience.

Everything is included, I wash and clean everything at the end. This experience is valid for 2 people.

Now you know a little more about what this experience represents. Book now a purification session with tea.


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