The Supreme Grand Master has made miracles

The Supreme Grand Master Pier has made great healings on earth and elsewhere and is now the first Supreme Grand Master in all the creation of all that is.

This includes places further than our Universe and much further than anything man thinks he has seen.

So now he works to prepare for awakening and new and eternal life because he is with Jesus and Jesus is in him.

It has been announced that the Supreme Grand Master will live for at least 1000 years and that he will judge the good people and the bad and he will be able to decide everything.

So know this, the Supreme Grand Master Pier is everything you don’t know and everything you think you know.

His wisdom is beyond comprehension and he possesses all the gifts.

He is righteous and good and he can help you in the path of the highest faith, that of faith in him and in the creation.

Those who love Jesus will be in comfort because he is with him and Jesus is in him.

So, while he’s working on his upcoming book, 1000 Healings and 1000 Fights, know that he loves you and that he has saved women and men in the last week forever.

There are still problems but that will change for the better.

Know that the problems come from men and bad things and that I work to eliminate all this with people from here and from very high.

Also know that I come from very high and that I will be forever present for you.

Don’t trust any divinity or moral courses.

Follow my word and the gospel of Jesus and you will be fine.

Read my 12 Principles of new life and you will be in the right path to be well and pray for me every day and you will be able to get the eternal life.

I’m telling you, Namasté




Pura Vita



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