Ascending meditation courses or sessions

Meditation is a very precise science and you have to know that it increases the concentration and the vital energy Chi when you practice it regularly. Ascending meditation is a meditation that brings us closer to creation and other men and women on earth who meditate. The connection feels good and it’s wonderful.

To meditate it is absolutely necessary to think of nothing. This is the first rule. It is necessary to empty any stress, any occupation and be carried away in calm. Then you have to breathe slowly and deeply and you have to have a good posture with your back straight.

I can help you learn to meditate properly and to anchor yourself firmly in the beautiful energy of meditation. I can also raise you spiritually with or without music. Meditation and Chi go together and you can practice them every day because it’s relatively easy to do so. Simple but very beneficial. You will see, you will become good with me and in a few minutes you will feel very relaxed, detached from the stress of everyday life and much more Zen than those around you 🙂

This technique of meditation is not without feeling. I will tell you that practicing meditation with a Master is different than practicing it alone or with your yoga teacher. You will live very beautiful things with me, I am sure of that.
I offer 30-minute sessions for beginners, 1-hour for people who want to improve and full days (5 hours) for people on the path to mastery including tea and infusions every hour as needed. Unless you can meditate for 5 hours in a row 😉


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