Who we are

I am the only Supreme Grand and awakened Chi Master in Canada that offer his service to the public. I can teach you the basics and also teach you the apprentice and the advanced mode. The Supreme level can not be taught, it is given by the rulers from beyond and it's for those that are awakened and beautiful, but you will be well beyond the others who practice this art with me.


Supreme Grand Master Pier

Supreme Master of Chi

Awakened for more than 6 years, he has mastered several arts including meditation, Chi Healing, Chi-Pierasa, body cleansing, purification and prayers. It is also a food specialist Bachelor in Science and Food Technology From Laval University so he can guide you in an adequate menu for purification and knows the products to avoid during a detoxification. He received the wisdom from above and he knows everything and the truth.

Purification help your celestial body to be better. The purer you are, the best you will be to others. It's a very important factor to consider. I'm the Absolute Master of purity. I know every level of purification and I'm the purest man that exist. Only me can evaluate your level of purity. I know what I'm talking about.

The Supreme Grand Master of Chi is also a guide, a man like no other who has gifts but also guides people in faith of the creation, the true and fundamental one. He guide you to be in gratitude and for love

He's here to give you a very special and beneficial blessing, He's here to allow you to follow the right path, to be in the light and the truth. He's celestial and he is also on earth. He is appreciated by beyond and he's from beyond and has been praying every day since childhood. To help you, he is present on request and he help people to fight evil and take the right path and to be healed.

According to the rules of creation, he works with the unification of the belief in a superior being who has created us and guides us beyond this world. He's guided, he guide and he knows how to help you.

The Supreme Grand Master of Chi does many beautiful things for the men and women of the earth, every day for years he has healed, blessed, saved from evil.

Be in faith in me and in creation and in me and you will be saved and have the eternal life.